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Generations of Experience

For over 40 years we have been working in the Willamette valley with local farmers to produce high quality seed.  Through this experience we have experienced good years, bad years, and everything in between, this gives us unique outlook on growing crops, and an ability to adapt to whatever is thrown at us.  When buying from weaver seed you can expect the best seed stock, and when growing for weaver seed you can rest easy that we have seen it all.  

Responsible chemical application


We meticulously look through chemical guides to insure that not only are the applications best for the crops short term, but that they will not build up in the soils, or damage wildlife.  By looking at residuals, metabolized byproducts, and effective windows for our chemicals we can provide advice that will help your farm produce excellent crops for years to come.  


Pea Cultivation 


Pea and Lentil Cultivation Guide


Pea Weevil control 

Radish Cultivation


Radish Growing Manual Pacific Northwest 

Weed control 

Weed control manual (OSU 2008)

Mustard and Brassica Cultivation 

Mustard Cultivation Guide

USDA Cover Crop lists   

Small Grains 

Small Grain Production Overview 

USDA Cover Crop 

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