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Peas are an excellent crops to grow, as they have many secondary benefits.  Not only do they increase protein when used as forage, they also draw in nitrogen and put it back into your soil, making this an excellent cover crop.  They require less nutrient demands than most crops, and have low water requirements while providing high yields. 

W2 Peas 

Our primary pea used for sprouting as well as cover crop.  This Pea requires low nutrient and water inputs while maintaining consistent high yields.  Sprouts are grown from this crop that contain high nutrient and protein yields, making this a culinary favorite that also works to increase soil fertility for your next crop. 


Mid April W2 Peas

Frost Master Winter Peas

FrostMaster Winter Peas are a long vined variety with excellent winter hardiness.  They are an enhanced variety of Austrian Winter Peas, providing higher biomass as well as a sweeter taste, making it very desirable for forage.    


Mid April winter peas, early flowering! 

Magnus Pea

A high yielding pea with greatly reduced leaf size, that can grow up to five feet, and is often utilized in cover crop blends to provide structure, as well as biomass and nitrogen additions to soil 

Dundale Peas

An Australian land-race pea that maintains high success rates even in extreme conditions.  This tough costumer is drought tolerant and highly adaptable to soil conditions

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