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Radish provides many benefits to your fields: breaking up packed soils, adding easily decomposed organic matter deep in your soil, and accumulating excess nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium from previous chemical applications, All while producing a high value seed crop. 

White Stem Diakon Radish

Diakon Radish grows an enormous tap root that works to loosen up soil, and break through the plow pan.  In addition to enhancing the fertility of your land, the seeds can be germinated to produce a high nutrient and delicious sprout.  Weaver seeds has 40 years of experience growing and processing Diakon Radish seed.  We have a consistent and high quality stock to meet your needs, large or small.  

Green Stem Diakon Radish 

Similar to the White Stem variety of Diakons, Green Stems provide excellent benefits to the soil, while producing high value seed.  

Fanning farms radish.jpg

Early Greenstem Radish Crop   (Early May)

The Buster Radish

The soil buster radish is a cross between a WS 10-11 Diakon, and a Kaiwari Diakon that gives us the perfect cover crop and forage radish.  This radish supresses weeds, reduces soil compaction, lowers nutrient costs, increases soil moisture storage capacity, all while providing excellent feed for wildlife and for forage.  

the buster.gif

Red Radish

Known for their bulb like shape and bright red color, Red radishes are an excellent health food that are rich in ascorbic and folic acid, and are an excellent source of potassium,vitamin B6, riboflavin, magnesium, copper, and calcium.  

Red Radish free domain.jpg

Beautiful Early Season Starts

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