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State of the Art Processing Facility

Utilizing state of the art color sorters, gravity tables, magnetic tables, centripetal sorters, and shaker tables we can sort and clean almost any seed to premium quality.  We also clean certified organic and food grade seed, and boast one of the most advanced facilities in Oregon.  

With multiple independent cleaning lines we can process through multiple crops at once, insuring we will get the job done quick, and wont sacrifice quality.  

Shaker Tables
Centripetal cleaner/Spiral cleaner 

Our first step cleaning seed involves running the seed over three large screens with different sized holes, this allows dust and small particulates to fall through, while also sorting out anything larger than the seed 

Soil Magnet Table 

The spiral cleaner will will separate out seed from other similarly sized and weighted items when going through this sorter.  

Gravity Table 

The seed then goes through a magnetic soil removal table, this is a powerful magnet that attaches to the iron and minerals in the soil and separates it from seed.  

High Precision Color Sorter 

After soil removal and sorting, seed goes through high precision color sorters.  these use artificial intelligence, and a series of internal cameras to sort out seeds that have different coloration.  It helps remove wild varieties of crops, and some weeds that have similar size and shape.  

Next, the seed goes through a gravity table, which separates seed based on density.  this helps us separate seed that wont likely germinate, from the seed that will.  


By now we have extremely clean seed, and our last step is bagging and stacking seed.  This is always done by hand to insure proper care is put into every product that comes through our warehouse.  

No charge processing for our growers

Our growers for weaver seed get complementary cleaning and sorting services, making seed production easier than ever, while ensuring the highest possible quality for your crops.  

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