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Purple Top Turnips

Introduced before 1890. The smooth, round root is bright purple above ground and white below. Extremely tender when young. Tops are great steamed or in salads. Stores well.

7 Top Turnips 

Plant produces high quality of tender turnip greens. One of the most flavorful fresh greens on the market. Roots are woody and should not be eaten. High in Vitamin A, B, and C.


Building Your Soils

Growing root vegetables improves the soil by adding organic matter and scavenging nutrients from the depths of your soil.  Along with the additions to soil, it improves the structure of your soil, breaking the soil apart from within, and decreasing the density.  This allows for greater success for crops in the future, allowing the roots to penetrate further, and giving seedlings a higher chance of success sprouting out of the ground.  

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