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About Weaver Seed Company

Weaver Seed of Oregon is a local family business dedicated to improving local communities and the farms they rely on. Weaver seeds provides a wide variety of seed stock for cover crops and forages. We contract for the seed production of Oats, Triticale, Peas, Radish, Brassicas, Vegetables and others and are happy to help you locate other seed we do not have listed.                                        

For over 40 years we have been working in the Willamette valley with local farmers to produce high quality seed.  We have a proven track record of excellence that makes our seed special.


Weaver Seed Trial Plots

Keeping Soils Productive 

One of Weaver Seeds primary goals has always been improving soils while keeping farms productive.  We are constantly growing trials, improving crops, and finding innovative solutions that both help the farmer, and the soil. We are expanding into the cover crop industry, as well as specialized sprout industry, allowing us to contract production of seeds that directly benefit soils, while still putting bread on farmers tables.    

Little Girl Posing with Diakon Radish Cover Crop in Texas 

Looking Towards the Future

We explore new growing techniques, new fertilizers, new crop rotation methods, and new crops all to ensure we have the best product, that contributes the most to your farms.  Keep up with our website and facebook page to see updates on what we are doing, and how that can affect your farm.      

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